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The mysterious benefactor…outed.

As I suspected, my friend DJ is the mysterious benefactor.  He is THE most generous person that I know, kind, giving, a veteran, Army Cavalry retired, a passionate geologist (ask him about inaccurate sediment in Interstellar), and pretty much the best.  Before moving to New Hampshire this year, DJ attended a Game Club Overday as our Guest of Honor.  He demoed games, he ran an impromptu Dungeons and Dragons game, and the kids had a lot of fun.  I’m really continuing the tradition he started at Game Club, and is now continuing to support.

He’s also a new dad!  His son Christopher was born a week ago.



Adorable.  DJ is going to be an awesome father and will raise an appropriately passionate nerdling.

With the holidays happening, and with 29 graduate student projects to read and comment on, I won’t be posting until well after Christmas.  I have a lot to report on though.  We tried out the Fantasy Flight Games Star Wars RPG last night and I have the second part of the Overday role-playing to report on.  But, that will have to wait.

Happy Holidays!

Thank yous from Game Club students

Over the last two weeks, a mysterious benefactor has been contributing very generously to the role-players in our Game Club.

Here are some “thank you”s sent to me by game club members, intended for this person, whomever they are!

“Oh mysterious benefactor, sincerest thanks! You’ve really helped us out in a huge way and that is fantastic. I can’t wait for the overday! I haven’t got my forms signed just yet but I assure you my attendance is ensured.”

“I say thanks to the random gifter.”

“person you are awesome”

They mean well.  Remember that getting a thank you out of a teenager can be challenging! 😉