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Traits of a Good Gamemaster

I’ve posted examples related to this topic before.  Necessity is the mother of invention.  In coaching students to become good GMs, I crafted this list to help give specific “to dos” that can help GMs improve their skills.

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A pencil-filled Xmas

I received a bunch of pencils for the holidays.  Some were desired duplicates.  Some are brand-spanking new never-owned-befores.  Here’s a pic of what I received that are duplicates of what I have.  All are 0.5 mm.  Three Pentel Twist Erase GTs with accoutrement.  A lifetime’s worth of lead. Thank you sibling-in-laws.  A Uni Kuru Toga in blaze red. Thank you me.  A green Pentel Sharp Kerry.  Replacement Pentel Z2-1 erasers.  Thank you Mother!20141230_154053

The Uni Kuru Toga is the best story.  I bought that for myself from jetpens.  Why?  I brought my mechanical pencil collection with me on our trip to visit my parents.  My cousin Arianna took particular interest in the collection.  It turns out she loves mechanical pencils too.  She lives in a rural area, so I’m not surprised that she hasn’t been introduced to premium pencils.  She took quite the fancy of my old Uni Kuru Toga and its unique lead rotation mechanism on Christmas Eve at my parent’s place.  So, I did what any good cousin would do:  I wrapped it up and gave it to her Christmas Day as a gift.  She really appreciated it.  I took the opportunity to replace it with a unique variant of it in my primary school color.  Everybody wins.

Over the next few weeks I’ll be reviewing other pencils that I received as gifts over the holidays.  The Top Ten list is likely to get a shakeup, including potentially bringing back pencils that I had booted off the list.  Why?  I’ve had quite the opportunity to write a lot over this holiday break and my opinions on some of the pencils that I had just based off of features has changed now that I’ve had more of a chance to use them.  More to come!  Also, plenty of gaming reports will pop up as I plan to play X-wing Miniatures and Savage Worlds RPG over the next week before heading back to my professional work.  Stay tuned Tactical Thinkers!

Thank yous from Game Club students

Over the last two weeks, a mysterious benefactor has been contributing very generously to the role-players in our Game Club.

Here are some “thank you”s sent to me by game club members, intended for this person, whomever they are!

“Oh mysterious benefactor, sincerest thanks! You’ve really helped us out in a huge way and that is fantastic. I can’t wait for the overday! I haven’t got my forms signed just yet but I assure you my attendance is ensured.”

“I say thanks to the random gifter.”

“person you are awesome”

They mean well.  Remember that getting a thank you out of a teenager can be challenging! 😉

I’m training more Game Masters!

Several students in Game Club have decided that they can be a Game Master for Dungeons and Dragons.  I’ve known this since the beginning, but I’m excited that they are gaining the confidence to take the plunge and express their creative minds.  After school on Friday I ran my GM Academy one more time for several students who were interested.  Are you interested in the basics of GMing?  PDF below!

Game Club GM Academy

Please don’t pass off my work as your own and credit me (Michael Fryda) if you’d like to use it for personal use.