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X-wing Miniatures Store Championship Tournament Report

Yesterday I played at the second Game Shoppe Store Championship!

It was small, as Store Championships go, with only thirteen players.  My list was:

Guri 30

Virago 1

Inertial Dampeners 1

Adrenaline Rush 1

Autothrusters 2

Sensor Jammer 4

IG 88 D

Outmaneuver 3

Inertial Dampeners

Syndicate Thug Y-wing

BTL A4 Y-wing 0

Autoblaster Turret 2

99 points

 So, both Guri and IG 88 are very maneuverable.

Round 1, Fight!

In the first round a faced a fully loaded Oicunn Decimator with all sorts of upgrades that basically rammed me for damage, used an action to get a maneuver to ram me again, and stress me whenever I attacked it.  I know it had Mara Jade and Yvonne Isard as Crew slots, as well as the Dauntless title.  I don’t remember the other stuff.  My opponent also had two TIE fighters with Wingman and Hull Upgrade, allowing them to remove stress from Oicunn and to block.

IG88 is good at clearing stress, with a lot of green maneuvers.  Guri spent most of the fight stressed and couldn’t take actions.  I got Oicunn down to five hull points and didn’t kill a single thing.  The TIEs used for blocking were really hard for me, preventing IG88 and Guri from doing S turns.  Inertial Dampeners and Adrenaline Rush kept me in it, but it was just too much.

Round 2

Bye.  I watched a lot of games.  There was a wide variety of squads that were fun to watch.

Round 3

I played versus a three B-wing squad composed of Nera Dantels with two proton torpedos, Keyan Farlander, and a Blue Squadron pilot.  My opponent, a new player, had great action economy with Jan Ors and Lando and the ability to shift focus tokens around, change stress into focus and change focus into evades.  I had some bad rolls at the start, but kept at it.

I lost Guri and my Y-wing and, just as time was called, I was able to take out a second B-wing.  My IG88 totalled one more point than his Nera Dantels and I won the game!

Round 4

I also played against a new player, a young man from an area high school.  He had a solid “classic” squad of two B-wings and two X-wings, one of which was Wedge.  That’s just a tough nut to crack.  I took out one of his B-wings and heavily damaged another, but I think I left three ships on the field.

All my games were fun and a 1-2 showing with a bye isn’t terrible.  I won a small X-wing Miniatures dice bag and a veteran player, who made top 8, was kind enough to give me a second larger one.

Regarding my squad, I had problems remembering some of my abilities.  Autothrusters seemed like a waste, because although I did face turrets, I don’t think I had many opportunities to use it, as I was in front arc a lot of the time.  I did really like the mobility options I had.

I think next, I’d like to try this:


Gaming Update March 2015

I’ve done a fair amount of gaming the last few weeks but I haven’t had much time to post.  Here’s a quick round up.

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